Dr. Phil examines Making a Murderer&#8221


Select quotes from the episodes:

“It was a weak moment, a frustrating time.”

- Sheriff Kenneth Petersen’s response to his controversial quote about it being easier to kill Avery than frame him in “Making a Murderer”

“If you’re going to get the case reopened, you’re going to have to find new evidence, but I don’t think any exists.”

- Sherriff Kenneth Petersen’s advice to Steven Avery’s new defense attorney

“I think he would kill again. Prison is a good place for him. He can’t hurt anybody and no one can hurt him.”

- Sheriff Kenneth Petersen on Steven Avery’s current guilty status

“I personally believe that he’s innocent. I needed to show him that I was behind him.”

- Sandra Greenman on why she visited her ex-fiance Steven Avery in prison

“Steve Avery is the real killer of Teresa Halbach.”

- HLN anchor Nancy Grace on Steven Avery’s guilt

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