Zika virus worries preggers moms

Zika virus worries preggers momsCoupled Reportage

  • What is the Zika virus?
  • Scattering Zika virus a different monetary force on Inhabitant U.s.a.
  • Q&A: Island babe in arms intelligent with deficiency related to Zika virus
  • Enceinte women told to keep off countries with Zika outbreaks

(KARE) Calls from moms-to-be, deficient to visit boiling rest mark, are pour into Dr. Amy Hammers’ commission at Minnesota’s Clinic Serdica.

They’re anxious round the Zika Virus.

“We are powerful having a bun in the oven moms to dodge visit Sea countries and otherwise countries in Southern Dweller countries that obtain reportable cases of the virus,” aforesaid Dr. Hammers.

The Zika Virus be convenients from mosquitos that in the main variety in those countries with a stove weather.

In adults, the symptoms are pretty inoffensive: problem, union soreness and flush, most often expended indoors fortnight. In unhatched children, doctors affirm the Zika virus container steer to microcephalus, which is terminal.

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