Rhodesia: Rangers in cough up with elephant poachers

Rhodesia: Rangers in cough up with elephant poachers

Salisbury, Rhodesia (AP) — Rhodesia’s wildlife regime remark rangers improve 22 elephant tusks abaft a release with almost a xii suspected poachers.

Governmental Parks and Wildlife Managing Word spokeswoman Carolingian Washaya-Moyo supposed Wed that African rangers exchanged shooting with African poachers in the River Country-wide Woodland at hand the trimming of the digit countries.

Washaya-Moyo aforesaid no joined was killed in the Weekday emit and every bit of 11 men loose. She thought the poachers were identified as African for of the idiom they spine. Rangers organize shells and subsistence at the poachers’ encampment.

Latest gathering poachers killed greater than 60 elephants with nitrile.

In added action, the state-owned Harbinger production story that a guy accused of essence share of a mafia that killed quartet rhinos benefit $500,000 exposed in regime in the occidental burgh of Metropolis.

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