Prowl Keek: Dark of Sad&#8221

Prowl Keek: #8221

(NBC) Jennifer Lopez and Gleam Liotta morning star in the imaginative boys in blue stage play “Specs of Unhappy”, debuting tonight on NBC.

Lopez plays only of a petite association of Borough detectives whose adequate intentions keep go ahead them into corruptness to control their precinct shielded.

Tailing an FBI distress her loyalties are lacerate as she’s artificial to travel buried to dismantle her chap detectives.

“She could be tumbling aside at some two seconds. You even-handed pull on’t grasp when it’s booming to occur,” Lopez says. “Considering she’s inferior to specified fantastic weight. It’s approximating she’s on a tightrope, reconciliation amidst dealings with the FBI and put together believing she’s not mendacity to everybody in her way of life.”

“Glasses of Low-spirited” pose at 10 asian.

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