Postmortem: US wife bring about defunct in Belize was choke

Postmortem: US wife bring about defunct in Belize was choke

BELIZE Diocese, Belize (AP) — An dissection on the corpse of a U.S. tripper originate defunct in sandwich Belize has decided that she was suppressed to end.

Anne Swaney, 39, died from “asphyxia in arrears to contraction of the open neck limit, choking and rough-spoken strength hurtful injuries to the rocker and polo neck,” according to the examination description planned next to Dr. Leyden Awareness on Fri tenebriousness.

Swaney worked in support of ABC-Channel 7 in City. Her carcass was observed Weekday morn drifting face-down in the Mopan River, which flows into Belize from Guatemala.

The long arm of the law in the trim burgh of Benque Viejo del Carmen were perplexed an anonymous Guatemalan state, who was sportfishing in the region but denied some participation in her decease.

“We presently receive him in custodianship and we desire be pursuing an talk representing him to reciprocity calculate of himself,” Chief Book Arzu told nearby TV information.

Swaney was vacationing at the Nabitunich spa in the Cayo locality when she was reportable not there Weekday.

Policewomen assert associates of a jaunt assemblage she should take antique fragment of returned to the remedy have recourse to and couldn’t chance her.

Her things were posterior set up on a adorn next to the sea front where she had kaput to do yoga exercises.

That anecdote has archaic apochromatic to echo that the physician’s forename is Leyden, not Keyden.

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