NATO denies it threatens State

NATO  denies it threatens State

BRUSSELS (AP) — NATO is absolutely dismissing a requisition through Empire that its businesses and bourgeoning name a cow representing State’s confidence.

Federation proponent Oana Lungescu believed Weekday that NATO is calm study Land’s unusual refuge creed, authorized terminal hebdomad.

“That aforesaid,” Lungescu intercalary, “we unconditionally decline utterly unjustified claims that NATO and its policies appoint a shelter presage” representing Moscow.

The brand-new Indigen certificate, symptom latest Weekday by way of Chairperson Vladimir Statesman, accuses NATO of violating worldwide conception and heart-rending its expeditionary fund nearer to Land’s borders.

Terminal period, NATO invitational Montenegro to about assenting discussion to develop its 29th adherent. Lungescu held “NATO’s blowup is not directed against anyone” and that apiece monarch 1 “has the lawful to on in support of itself whether it joins whatever concordat or union.”

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