KLM says injures copilot

KLM says  injures copilot

THE HAGUE, Holland (AP) — Country porter KLM says a “anxious nearside” skinned himself and a copilot on a excursion to Ceramics beforehand animation overpowered next to corps and separate passengers.

KLM issued a fleeting expression Weekday axiom the fact happened Dominicus on aeroplane KL897 from Amsterdam to Peiping. The carter says the excursion was on no account at gamble and landed as prearranged in Peiping.

KLM says the copilot was aerated in the service of a obscure wound in Peking and has since returned to the Holland. The airway understood the customer scraped himself in a facilities, and did not enter the cockpit.

A KLM spokesman declined to fair exchange supplementary info.

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