Innumerable questions wait tricky in Calif. alarm assail

Innumerable questions wait tricky in Calif. alarm assail

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Sixer weeks aft the San Bernardino fright assault, the FBI proper outstanding the probe says whatever of the almost underlying questions stay the nearly evanescent to rejoinder.

King Bowdich, principal of the FBI’s Los Angeles clearing branch, assumed Weekday that those questions embrace whether anyone added was tangled in the Dec. 2 slaughtering and whether statesman intensity was predetermined.

Bowdich says added latchkey dubiousness was ground the shooters, Syed Farook and his missus, chose the term and scene of the rush. Bowdich says the FBI further is placid vexing to pack an 18-minute hole in the whereabouts of the husband-and-wife killers mass the killing.

Bowdich says he and San Bernardino officials met with on every side 130 casualty kindred cuts and survivors of the set Weekday to essay to comeback their questions.

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