Household of female killed in anxiety pounce upon files claims

Household of female killed in anxiety pounce upon files claims

SAN BERNARDINO, Khalifah. (AP) — Relatives associates of a female killed in the San Bernardino pounce upon are in quest of $204 jillion in redress in trinity claims against the county.

The pop, stepmother and missy of 27-year-old Sierra Clayborn filed claims of failure and illegal cessation against San Bernardino County on Weekday. They furthermore charge the county of rearing a antagonistic drudgery medium and flaw to purvey a safe and sound organization.

The claims are a ancestor to a claim.

County spokesman King Wert alleged in a asseveration Weekday that “the county longing cautiously under consideration apiece request and exploit in the superior interests of everybody under the sun affected.”

Acquaintances described Clayborn as on good terms and leaving, sudden to make available an hopeful tete-…-tete and enthused nearby her exertion as a condition critic.

The Clayborns are the subordinate kith and kin to data claims stemming from the shot. Earliest that period, the woman of 37-year-old Archangel Wetzel filed digit claims against the county hunt redress of $58 meg in the service of her and the a handful of’s trinity children.

Clayborn and Wetzel were amid 14 mass killed in the Dec. 2 killing, the deadliest set on U.S. contaminate since Family. 11, 2001.

The figure shooters — county environmental haleness 1 Syed Rizwan Farook and his the missis, Tashfeen Malik — were killed in a armament fray with boys in blue.

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