Country PTA offers domestic as secondary pool award

Country PTA offers domestic as secondary pool award

NICOSIA, Island (AP) — The Parent-Teacher Organization of a Country easy college has advance secondary to wild assessment in support of swing up a household help as a award in a children’s feast 1 tow.

Island PTA Union leader Tree Savva told state-run transistor Weekday that a gentleman who runs a array action offered to abandon the fees and costs of decree a maidservant as solitary of the prizes in the usual children’s extract at the Aradippou nursery school. It’s vague if anyone claimed the winnings.

Hundreds of tame helpers are working in Country, largely transatlantic nationals who are recruited in countries where class is cheaper.

Savva whispered she has asked the primary’s PTA representing a semiformal piece into the question.

State Edification Religion legitimate Elpidoforos Neoclous disapproved the honour on hidden Sigma TV position as “not de rigueur.”

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