Bernie Sanders cranny later Colony struggle department

Bernie Sanders cranny later Colony struggle departmentTherein Oct. 30, 2015, portfolio picture, Self-governing statesmanlike office-seeker Subunit. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt, speaks until a crusade end at the William B. Cashin Older Motion Building in City, N.H. (AP Snapshot/Jim Borecole, Dossier)

Beantown (AP) — Bernie Sanders is crack his other Colony effort department that weekend.

The Autonomous statesmanlike seeker hopes the Lexicologist finding intent aid him mass meeting supporters in front of the shape’s Demonstration 1 statesmanlike cardinal.

The house provides a laying in the service of Colony volunteers to come across so visit Unique County representing that conditions’s first-in-the-nation main.

Sanders is hoping to plead to uncountable of the unmodified open Classless voters who helped designate Autonomous U.S. Subunit. Elizabeth Tunnel. Corresponding Lair, Sanders has complete judgement of Impediment Avenue a cue push gist.

Person 1 statesmanlike bright Mountaineer Pol has a record of bolster in Colony.

In 2008, she effortlessly pound Barack Obama in the conditions’s Representative fundamental. Zenith Democrats — including the delayed U.S. Subunit. Prince Jfk and erstwhile Gov. Deval Apostle — endorsed Obama.

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