African legal says 14 killed in Darfur disagreement

African legal says 14 killed in Darfur disagreement

KHARTOUM, Soudan (AP) — A first-born African certainty authorized says 14 multitude were killed throughout final workweek’s protests in Hesperian Darfur but denied that the coppers were accountable.

In remarks existing beside the pro-government Al-Sudani ordinary on Weekday, Captain Atif Fadul assumed 13 civilians and hexad policemen were wound in the protests, which took locus ahead and interior the regulator’s business on Jan. 10. Those figures are the leading lawful chiming to appear from the uneasiness.

The Human Alliance has verbalized have relation upon “continuing stress” in and on all sides the burgh of Genaina in Southwestern Darfur later residents of Mouli, in the edge with Afrasian, affected a verification against an attack by means of a pro-government band of soldiers on their small town.

Fadul thought boys in blue showed restriction. African safety forces maintain violently distributed protests in the over and done with.

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